Ableton Kurs 3 - Produce 1

The studio and its workflow
• Soundcards
• Recomended 3rd party VSTs for performance effects etc
• Monitors
• Microphones
• Instruments
• Hardware
• Headphones
• Audio analyzers
• Room optimisation (including hardware/software fixes)
• Sound isolation and Proofing
• How you sit in the studio
• Are you serious?
• Recording and/or Programming your ideas
• Composing, Arranging and Automating your building blocks into a track

Inspiration strikes vs you’ve got a job to do
• Visualising and creating your sound palette
• Naming your tune
• Genre awarness
• Being aware of your Artist Personality / Profiling

Recording and programming your ideas
• Song Structures and Arrangements
• Make arranging and structuring tunes a lot quicker and more reliable.
• Obvious & Unobvious ‘building blocks’
• Introduction to mixing

Arrangements and Composition
• Using a reference track
• Arrangements – vinyl vs radio edits
• Techniques for composing

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