■■■ GE-OLOGY [I Love Vinyl / Great Weekend / NYC] ■■■

Vi starter likegodt nyåret med en ENORM gjest!!
Mister GE-OLOGY aka G-YOUNG fra New York er endelig tilbake i Oslo. Sist han var her for mange år siden spillte han ett sett på Nomaden som var det beste DJ settet i historien av DJ sett!! Denne gangen slipper vi bomben på super trevlige Ingensteds ved Blå.

GE-OLOGY er en meget dyktig produsent, DJ og visual artst
som blant annet er kjent fra I LOVE VINYL DJ-dreamteamet bestående av Ge-ology, Amir (Kon & Amir), The Twilite Tone (Great Weekend), OP!, Jon Oliver (The Main Ingredient/EVR) & Scribe.

GE-OLOGY er en fleksibel DJ som knuser de fleste i alle genre,
og denne gangen på Ingensteds skal han ta oss gjennom ett DJ sett med sine sjeldne Funk, Disco, Boogie, Afro, Jazz & Soul skiver..
Døra er på KUN 50,- noe som er latterlig billig for et slikt navn..

Dette er definitivt noe både for vinylhoder og danseglade mennesker..


22:00 – 03:30
CC: 50
Brenneriveien 9, ved Blå.
Support: DJ Baz


In today’s burgeoning culture of opportunism and ambition, you seldom meet an individual with exceptional abilities and a history of great achievement without it being worn on their sleeve. Thus, the enigmatic virtuoso known as GE-OLOGY is a rare find indeed; “he walks quietly but carries a big stick.” Just when you think you’ve figured him out, you come to realize that the task of connecting all of his anomalous dots is an intricate one that hasn’t yet begun. This masterful music producer, proficiently skilled DJ, and equally gifted visual artist has been acclaimed internationally for two decades. Now after a 3 year hiatus, he is on course to, once again, take us beyond our expectations with his arsenal of forthcoming new music.

Throughout the career of this Baltimore born, 80’s New York City bred Renaissance man, he has produced songs for a top-notch list of famed recording artists including Mos Def (aka Yasiin Bey), Talib Kweli, Jill Scott, De La Soul, Yukimi Nagano (from the group Little Dragon…including the sultry “Blues Alley” which appears in the award winning film “The Kids Are All Right”), Vinia Mojica, Jem (including the hit “They,” which peaked at #6 on the Billboard UK singles chart from her platinum LP) and even a young Tupac Shakur. And suchlike his music, his extensive ability as a visual artist is no less extraordinary. Although widely recognized for his classic 90’s hip-hop record cover art (including the legendary Mos Def “Body Rock” single) and a multitude of illustrations for a variety of publications such as Vibe, the Source and Russell Simmon’s One World Magazine….the vast range of his work as a visual artist is a conversation of it’s own, with a world-class resumé to boot.

This multi-dimensional talent, and renowned member of New York City’s “I LOVE VINYL” DJ collective, is also known world-wide for rocking dance floors across London, Paris, Lyon, Berlin, Tokyo, Osaka, Morioka, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Ghent, Oslo, Tromso, Vienna, Budapest, Reykjavik, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami and the list continues. As an avid collector and vinyl enthusiast, he digs deep, weaving diverse music genres that coalesce to inspire movement on the dance floor. When asked to define his style, he responded, “DJing for a dance audience is a form of telepathic conversation. I’d even say it’s similar to experiencing a well-written novel that takes us on a seamless journey of unforeseen change. Each chapter leads us somewhere unexpected that’s intrinsically related to where we first began…yet at the same time, uniquely alien from it. To me, that’s the thrill of the ride.” ■

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