Kalenderen for søndag 19. mai

  • 10:00 Developing Fearlessness, Nordisk Kadampa Meditasjonssenter

    What does it mean to be fearless in this world ? It means being free from fear, anxiety and feelings of helplessness. It also means feeling confident, mentally strong and having the ability to help others overcome their fears. In order to free ourselves from our fears , we first need to recognize what fear is and what the origin of our fear is.

  • 13:00 Kai Müller & Maral Jafarian, S9 Galleri

    Kai Müller is a photographer based in the Arctic Region of Norway. After 2,5 years on Svalbard he is holding an exhibition together with artist/painter Maral Jafarian from Oslo.

    Velkommen til vernissage lørdag 4. mai kl. 15.00 til 17.00 ! Åpningstider ellers: 13.00 til 17.00.

  • 18:00 The big fat pop culture quiz, Smelteverket

    Popkulturquiz på engelsk og norsk