NOTAM (Norsk senter for teknologi i musikk og kunst) er et produksjonssted for nyskapende arbeid med lyd – i komposisjon, forskning, utdanning og formidling.
NOTAM sine nye lokaler finner du i Myren, på vestsida av Akerselva. Følg gangvei sørover fra Bentsebrua eller nordover fra Vøyenbrua. Inngangen ligger inni kroken her

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Mandag 18. desember

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Tirsdag 28. mars

  • 13:00 PRAKSIS // Meet the Residents, NOTAM

    Join PRAKSIS and Fotogalleriet to get to know these eight talented individuals with backgrounds in art, music and neuroscience: Gunnlaug Bina Kuløy (NO), Anne Haaning (DK), Milenasong (DE/NO), Jeremy Olson (US), Lindsay Seers (GB), Nina Torp (NO), Rachel Wolfe (US), Monika Żak (PL). More information about each resident can be found in PRAKSIS’ resident registry. During this intimate session each resident will briefly present their practice, followed by questions and answers.

Mandag 20. mars

Mandag 27. februar

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Mandag 16. januar

Mandag 12. desember 2016

Fredag 25. november 2016

  • 10:00 PRAKSIS Workshop // Behzad Khosravi Noori – Five Seconds of Silence, NOTAM

    The relationships between inside and outside, them and us, here and there are complex and multifaceted. Following on from his talk the previous evening at Kunstnernes Hus, Behzad Khosravi-Noori will lead this workshop that will use “metalogues” and “reenactments” as methods of investigation. The group will attempt to elaborate on this complexity to challenge the relationship between the actor and spectator, which creates a complication that could be both impalpable and disturbing. Metalogues: …

Mandag 21. november 2016

Fredag 18. november 2016

Mandag 31. oktober 2016

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