IN THE LIBRARY is a series of one-evening events in different libraries.

Dette har skjedd på IN THE LIBRARY…

Mandag 14. mai 2018

Torsdag 11. mai 2017

  • 19:00 Vooks Are Stupid!!, IN THE LIBRARY

    Vooks are stupid! promises to animate the library in a celebratory manner. 11 interventions, performances and installations occupy this migrating platform temporally (2hrs) and spatially (inside & out).

Torsdag 27. april 2017

  • 19:00 Amber Ablett: Anthems. January – April 2017., IN THE LIBRARY

    When I am at home, they ask me: where do you come from?

    For this work, Ablett has been learning the national anthems of the countries that strangers have asked her if she comes from, in attempt to feel a kinship with her assigned countrymen.

Torsdag 30. mars 2017

  • 19:00 Mark Petzinger Verlag: Publishing Artworks, IN THE LIBRARY

    Mark Pezinger Verlag (Astrid Seme & Thomas Geiger) is a Viennese publishing house for artist’s books ranging from one-offs to higher editions and from performances towards sound-works to normal books. The presentation will give an insight into different approaches, ways of publishing and interpretations of what an artist book could be.

    Image: The Mark Pezinger Adoptive Program, Exhibition View, Rosa Brux, Brussels, 2015

Torsdag 16. februar 2017

  • 19:00 Mathijs van Geest: A Donkey Ear, IN THE LIBRARY

    Page 472:
    A Donkey Ear is an event by Mathijs van Geest IN THE LIBRARY. It could have happened spontaneously after using the library many times, but on this occasion it is organised, to notify the visitors when and where it takes place.

Torsdag 24. november 2016

  • 19:00 The Library Syndrome, IN THE LIBRARY

    Julie Jones, photo-historian and associate curator at the Centre Pompidou in Paris will show and talk about how books and the library are sexy.

    Have a look at Julie Jones’ selection of books from the art library’s own archive and fantastic new acquisitions before her lecture starts at 19:30.