Blank Space

Blank Space is an ambitious creative space in Oslo that works in countless aspects of the visual art and design community.

Blank Space consists of four parts:

• Our GALLERY, which represents both international and Norwegian artists.

• Our WORKSHOPS, which grant both entry level opportunities as well as advanced resources for existing artists.

• Our STUDIOS, which offer 11 private rooms and 8 desks to visual artists as well a full silkscreen studio for rent.

• Our COMMUNITY, where we work within Oslo’s creative scene to strengthen the market from the inside.

Dette har skjedd på Blank Space…

Fredag 9. august 2019

Søndag 20. mai 2018

  • 18:00 BAD ART: Exhibition, Blank Space

    Blank Space presents: BAD ART.
    In this exhibition, we are inviting artists to show us their worst images – their discarded studies, thrown away sketchbook pages, ugly paintings, and other awful works, in an effort to fight the onset of perfectionism in the creative sector. When audiences are only ever exposed to flawless final results, they are only ever shown that one outcome is possible : the perfect.

Fredag 20. april 2018

  • 18:00 Digital Playgrounds: The Art of Augmented Reality, Blank Space

    Blank Space releases it’s newest yearly exhibition merging technology and art. In this exhibition, we are inviting 10 renowned artists of different styles and backgrounds to delve into what many argue is the future of art – the mysterious and infinite world of technology.