Blank Space, Storgata 32

Located at Storgata 32, in the iconic Gunerius building, Blank Space offers 530kvm of “why-not” focused opportunities across the visual art and design community, helping individual hobbyists to influential companies alike.

We offer a variety of opportunities for audiences of all types, and offer projects that are both commercial and authentic to the community we serve – working in the arts requires a special relationship to the out-of-the-ordinary, and we are experts in blending the imagination with a foundational connection to reality.

We offer, on average, 17 events a month to individual creatives. Outside of our educational division we offer a full international gallery, coworking for more than 50 designers, and a full support system for artists of all colors through our podcasts, public speaking, portfolio reviews, and everything in between.

If you would like to collaborate on a project of any kind within the creative sector, please do get in touch with our director at [email protected]

Dette har skjedd på Blank Space, Storgata 32…

Fredag 1. november 2019

Lørdag 8. desember 2018

  • 16:00 Christmas Party @ Blank Space, Blank Space, Storgata 32

    As the festive season begins, we bring you Christmas at Blank Space to celebrate another year of creativity as we toast to the next! We will be pulling out ALL the stops, and dedicating all 530kvm of space will be dedicated to art, design, and CHRISTMAS!

Tirsdag 30. oktober 2018

  • 18:00 Halloween – Creative Carnival!, Blank Space, Storgata 32

    Welcome to a special Halloween event made specifically for artists and designers – full of mysterious models, creepy costumes, sinister snacks, and the most ghostly group of weirdos Oslo can collect in one room…! We guarantee a night that even the dead will be coming to….

Søndag 28. oktober 2018

  • 12:00 Hand Lettering: An introduction to the craft, Blank Space, Storgata 32

    This class is an introduction to the craft of hand lettering, led by Carl Fredrik Angell. It will teach you how to correctly draw/construct basic letterforms and show some of the useful tools of the trade. We will go through the three main lettering styles that lay the foundation for further development of stylized typography: Script, Roman and Plain Egyptian.

Torsdag 25. oktober 2018

  • 18:30 Game Night!, Blank Space, Storgata 32

    Do you ever miss, just….playing?

    This BYOBG (Bring Your Own Board Game) event expands to not only host analogue gamers, but also video games, role-playing games, physical games (Kubb, jump rope – you name it) for a fun and relaxed atmosphere of interactive socializing.

Fredag 19. oktober 2018