Intermezzo 3: VINYL NEVER DIED - Eric D. Clark

Demon’s Mouth presents: VINYL NEVER DIED, an intermezzo curated by Eric D. Clark.

April 5th – 13th,
Noon – Midnight

Eric D. Clark has assembled a collection of music by composers who are known predominantly for their work as visual artists. These records (in the form of limited and or very limited vinyl along with one off cd’s plus dvd’s) represent a contemporary snapshot of a long tradition of visual artists engaging in music production. Some have consciously chosen to build second careers while others have found their creative output bleeding into the realms of sound and music.
Eric D. Clark is a musician/singer/songwriter & producer a/k/a a member of Whirlpool Productions as well as for his solo work under multiple pseudonyms including €DC.

D. Clark was guest professor at the sound-lab in the Städelshule: Frankfurt am Main he is currently finishing production on his stage review
“Addicted to Fantasy”.

@ 22:00hrs. Eric will play music from this and a greater collection of eclectic tracks….

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