Strangers is about an intriguing situation with 4 people, meeting in an unknown house. Sharing some time and space together, without knowing exactly why they have ended up there. They will try to figure out how to find their place in this new setting, revealing fragments of their identity on their way.

We live in a world full of diversities, but we are still sharing some common values, fears, dreams and emotions that exists in all of us. STRANGERS explores the boundaries that the identity implies, and the common ground that we can establish.

The performance transforms a common room, filling it up with new memories, making it an extraordinary space.

Concept: RukRuk Company
Dramaturg/Director: Sara Serrano
Performers: Georgina Amat, Caroline Lea and Joao Pamplona.

In collaboration with Vandaler Forening & Fond For Frilansere.

Duration: 50 min.


24th Nov. – at 19.00h & at 21.00h
25th Nov. – at 19.00h & at 21.00h


VANDALER FORENING – Hovinveien 10 – Oslo – (Lille Tøyen)

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