Welcome to once a month dance event!
We give our mind some break in our busy day-to-day life, and let us move our body with soulful music.
All are welcome!!
“MOVEMENTUM” is a monthly movement event with DJ, open for all -no movement experience required!

Opening facilitation & DJ: Seshen Arts
door: 200NOK
FB page:…
Seshen’s Website:

There are simple 3×3 keywords for this event.

3 Purposes
- Relax your mind.
- Revitalize your body.
- Rejuvenate your soul.

3 Steps
- Arrival: Simple facilitation will guide us to tune into Space, Body, Here and Now.
- Flow: Music will carry us and inspire our body to be moved freely in flow.
- Cool down: Integration process lets us bring the energy and the momentum into our new week.

3 Rules
- Take your shoes off and feel the ground!
- No talk but move your body!
- Be yourself and let others be themselves!

Let’s bring delicious momentum into the week, in giving our mind some break and enjoying our body moving freely in music!!

Please spread the words and looking forward to co-creating with you a delicious Monday event at our favorite KULTURHUSET!!

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