From Dusk Till Dawn Art Prize 2017

Concert and performances start after PNEK Seminar around 9pm.

From Dusk Till Dawn Art Prize is given every year after the Winter Solstice Night Exhibition to one or several artists in collaboration with Pnek and EE. The prize is not meant to judge about the best art work or performance but rather encouraging new or emerging experimental artistic initiative. The prize consists of a symbolic amount of money, the original cassette recording of the Winter Solstice and an opportunity for the artists to show their work again during the Prize celebration evening.

The WINNERS 2017 are WAAAHAWAD and Kirsty Kross!


We Are All Alone Here And We Are Dead er en eksperimentell duo bestående av Nora Fiona Eriksen og Fredrik Falk. Den Oslobaserte musiker-, produsent-, og arrangørduoen har vært aktive som WAAAHAWAD siden de traff hverandre i 2014. Uttrykket kan beskrives som drømmende, invaderende, vakkert og urovekkende, og er like mye eventyrstund som det er en musikalsk opplevelse. Som trio presenteres det visuelle av kunstneren Peter Horneland. Sist sett på Vandaler Forenings “Winter Solstice 2016”, sist hørt på Etch Wears “Winter Wear vol2”.


Kirsty Kross holds a Bachelors Degree in Art History from the University of Queensland and a Masters of Art in Context from the Berlin University of the Arts. Her work has been featured in Bedfellows at Tate Modern London, The Partisan Cafe at The Bergen Assembly, Østlandsutstillingen, ONO and PINK CUBE in Oslo as well as in Berlin at Parkhaus Projekts, Galerie Crystal Ball and Galerie Walden. From 2000-2010 Kirsty Kross was a co-creator and performer in the music/performance group, Team Plastique and performed extensively across Europe and Australia at clubs and events such as Glastonbury, Kunstsalon Berlin and the closing party of the 2006 Berlin Biennale. Kirsty Kross’ work combines performance, drawing, music and installation and deals with the human condition questioning appropriate adult behaviour and the relationship between the artist, artwork and audience. In discussing these themes, she often uses her body and/or biography as a starting point thereby grounding her work in a feminist and post-colonial context. Kirsty Kross moved to Oslo in 2015 and is a board member of Performance Art Oslo.


After 4 years of collaboration in 2015, PNEK and Vandaler Forening finally launched “From Dusk till Dawn PNEK Art Prize” which aims to support and encourage experimental and time-based practices that take on the challenge to keep us awake and focused till sunrise, stretching the darkness of the longest night of the year into a state of dream, utopia and poetry.

Last year’s winners was “Ill” (Markus Dvergastein, Bjørnar Steinnes Luteberge, Øyvind Mellbye and Tom Nærland)


The Winter Solstice is a night exhibition and cross-disciplinary event happening in Oslo during the longest night of the year, initiated in 2012 by Hanan Benammar. Since 2015, Vandaler Forening has been arranging it. Vandaler Forening is a collective initiative.

The event aims to gather the local audience around various practices of both emerging and established artists, offering a unique opportunity to experience art works through the night combined with performances, concerts, poetry readings, plays and even yoga sessions.

This event is inspired by the Annual Avant Garde Festival of New York, initiated in 1963 by the cellist and performance artist Charlotte Moorman, as well as pre-christian pagan traditions such as Yule and Modranicht.
More than focusing on darkness, it celebrates the return of the light.


stage: Méryll Ampe; Dead Alive; Jon Wesseltoft; Agnes Hvizdalek, WAAAHAWAD vs Torgeir Berg & Peter Horneland; Center of Universe; Alexander Rishaug; Risto Holopainen; Cédric Pigot & Magali Daniaux; Europ Europ; Valery Poulet; Skævv; Samvær Under Tilsyn; Julius androide; Experimental High

performances: Harald Kolaas; Garry Williams; Karoline Aamås, Mari Stoknes and Love Kjellsson; Allyce Wood;, Anja Malec & Ilja Badulin; Kirsty Kross; Ellmer Stefan (The Institute for Digital Humanities); Daniel Slåttnes & Sara Rönnbäck; Aksel Høgenhaug; Rahel Kraft; Ellakajsa Nordström & Ylva Trapp; Andreas Hald Oxenvad

exhibition: First Supper Symposium; Ardita Bufi; Johan Söderström; Sara Wolfert & Anne-Liis Kogan; Isabel Cantzler; Méryll Ampe; Ragnhild Aamås; Elin Glærum Haugland; Anni Tiainen; Linda Bournane Engelberth; Joel Correia

performative poetry program: Morten Langeland og Ørjan Amundsen; Traumas; Elin Kittelsen; K. O. O-P. A., curated by Ole-Petter Arnebeg

video screening: Atef Berredjem; Eli Maria Lundgaard; Ilavenil Jayapalan & Bjørn Hatterud; Petra Kuppers; Khaled Jarrar; Futurefarmers; Pilar Mata Dupont; Risto Holopainen, Vivild Bergersen & Camilla Wærenskjold; Greg Pope; Aurore Le Duc; Håkon Gåre; Joel Correia; Christian Hennie; Ronnie Sluik; Kirsty Kross; Irina Haugane; Monique Hendriksen; Kay Arne Kirkebø; Aaslaug Krokann Berg; Ulf Kristiansen; Amelia Beavis-Harrison; Helen Eriksen & Germain Ngoma; Nicolas Gimbert; and more…

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