Zen-foredrag om «de andre» ved Osho Koshin Christopher Cain

Den amerikanske zen-læreren Koshin Christopher Cain Osho kommer på besøk til Oslo for å undervise og holde helgeretreat hos Rinzai Zen-senter på Grønland. I den anledning vil han også holde et foredrag på engelsk på Litteraturhuset. Tittelen på foredraget er:“Regarding the Other”.

Our tendency to separate ourselves into in-group and out-group is one of the challenges of our age, one that can lead to nationalism, sectarianism, and racism. As our world becomes more connected, people of different groups and cultures will continue to meet — and either clash or engage in the process of learning how to co-exist. As our world becomes smaller, the Buddhist tradition encourages us to examine deeply how we perceive others and ourselves.

In his talk Koshin Christopher Cain will discuss how the practice of Zen can help us recognize our own biases and act with more clarity toward other people and other groups. He will draw from the stories and philosophy of Buddhism and Zen, as well as examples from evolutionary psychology and current events.

Fri entré og åpent for alle interesserte!
Arrangementet foregår fra kl. 18:30 i Litteraturhusets sal Nedjma i 3. etasje.

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