Ratboys, Wild Pink og Ben Leiper på Goon Bar

How is Annie har gleden av å invitere Ratboys fra Chicago tilbake til Oslo! Og de har gleden av å invitere med seg Wild Pink fra New York! Vi gleder oss!

RATBOYS (Chicago)
Led by Julia Steiner and Dave Sagan, Ratboys modern, tender spin on country and indie-rock is a blessing. Call it what you will or just lap up the nostalgia – tingled vocals that sway along like a lighter in the wind, string poppin’ licks that excite the hips. Listen to their latest EP, GL out on Topshelf Records and see what the fuss is all about.

WILD PINK (New York)
Sitting further East are Brooklyn’s Wild Pink – a group whose pace matches the whimsical 90s of bands like Yo La Tengo and The American Analog Set. Few can pull of something so simple on the surface yet engrossing. An auditory equivalent of a gigantic hug. Set yourself up for a nice time and listen to their debut 2017 s/t on Tiny Engines.

BEN LEIPER (Oslo, How is Annie Records)
Et temmelig nytt indierockband fra Oslo, med medlemmer fra bl.a. Dråpe, Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson og Islandsgate. Debuterte med tre gode singler på How is Annie i mars 2018.

Revolver’s Goon Bar
Døra: 20:00
Prisen: 100,-

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