Oslofast i påsken? Ta turen innom for litt indisk flatbrød og kunst i offentlig tilgjengelig rom

Full Moon Gathering: Left-out w. MAPS

Flatbread Society is a project initiated and rooted in Oslo by the international artist collective Futurefarmers as a public art program for Bjørvika, in 2013. The project is commissioned and produced by Bjørvika Utvikling in collaboration with local artists and with funding from Statens Vegvesen Region øst.

Flatbread Society Full Moon Gatherings is a monthly event that happens at Losæter, Oslo. Losæter is envisioned as a cultural institution, a demonstration saeter and a competence center for urban gardening. An attempted commons in the Bjørvika area of Oslo, where ecological food production goes hand in hand with architecture, education, art and food culture.

Artists and researchers Sarah Kazmi, Lucia Fiorani and Maïna Joner will be will be hosting this years third Flatbread Society Full Moon Gathering. They will be using visual, digital and performative tools to expand on their current research at Losæter, focusing on the meaning of left-out.

Sarah, Lucia and Maïna are currently studying MFA in Art and Public Space at KHiO.

Upcoming Full Moon Gatherings, 2018:

Saturday, 31 March 2018, Left-out w. MAPS, KHiO

Monday, 30 April 2018, Kristian Øverland Dahl

Tuesday, 29 May 2018, Svartjord

Previous Full Moon Gatherings, 2018:

Friday, 2 Mars, Anne Cecilie Lie

Wednesday, 31 January 2018, Oslo Apiary & Aviary

What does it mean to be left-out? What does it mean to live in the condition of the left-out, of the misplaced, of the non-fitting? What is specific to that and could be used as a sense of belonging?

- Left out, right? But where is the in and where is the out? Which is which and where is the boundary?

- Borders | Modernization without development. What is to be human, what unites us as human being, as well what makes us so diverse? Atomization/individualization, how does independence relate to human needs for others ?

- Containers contain goods, containers are labelled, colorful optimized lego blocks.

- Containers import and export, in constant motion.

- But where is the proximity? « Make space for proximity! », « Shape the sites you didn’t construct ». Out of shape constructions, constructing sites. Adding and removing bricks and blocks, homes and soil, boxes and containers. Constructions out of closeness, closeness cannot be bought. Human-friendly cities ? Human sustainability ? Only for he who can afford it.

- Commodities out, from producing nations to consuming nations

- Out of place, discomfort zone.

- Comprehension – translation – what meanings do language impose?

- How is the condition when the tongue is broken and you’re missing the words?

- For the Different


- The excluded is seeking for refuge, but there are no more refuges.

- People left – out than commodities – travel/migration of foods and goods. Left – out and then borrowed

- Left – out | filling in the gap -—- technicians of globalization

BIO: Sarah Kazmi is an artist-researcher, who is attempting to reinvent the notion of relational art practice together with food as tools for socio-political change; creating spaces of consumption that facilitate interactions. Her current practice deals with the migration/ movement of foodstuffs; observing ingredient’s candid representations of the banalities of everyday life.

BIO: Lucia is an explorer based on planet earth. She likes to talk to people, look deeply in the eyes, take time, be part of communities. She likes small and unseen gestures, she thinks that change can come from poetry, being it the act of giving new meaning to the world around us.

BIO: Maina Joner is a French-Norwegian artist investigating the city of Oslo and its constant transformation. Construction sites, science fiction, neighbourhood, public space and playfulness are important elements in her research. She juggles between the role of the child, the critic, the scientist, the trespasser and the con artist; aiming to initiate acts of poetic world making.

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