Open call for radical hosts

In the context of Radical Hospitality, curated in Oslo the 8th of May at Black Box Theatre during Pluss Pluss, we are looking for several “radical hosts” to welcome artists coming from all over Europe.

Most artists will stay in Oslo for a minimum of 3 nights.

As a temporary family, you will be part of the extended program of Radical Hospitality. We aim at creating a warm and safe community around the event that cherish the values of a borderless, inclusive and multicultural society.

Get in touch at: [email protected]

Hanan Benammar and BB team

About Radical Hospitality Pluss Pluss event:

RADICAL HOSPITALITY; or an experimental and performative platform for modes, methods and forms of social connections, belonging and being together in a time when fences and walls are being erected at our borders, when hospitality is declared to be a «crime» and punishable by law in some European countries and while millions are seeking refuge.

«We only ever speak one language – and, since it returns to the other, it exists asymmetrically, always for the other, from the other, kept by the other. Coming from the other, remaining with the other, and returning to the other.» J. Derrida

Inspired by this quote, the artists will unfold projects that challenge the premises of hospitality, current politics, welcoming gestures and all the imaginable relationships between host and guest.

The space will be put at risk and be prepared to be challenged.

Food will be served sporadically during the night.

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