Aki De Leon's Stories of Calypso

Most of us have heard of Calypso, but few really know much about it.
Fortunately there is an expert in Oslo, Aki De Leon!
He is son of Roaring Lion, one of the most successfull calypsonians, and has been collecting and studying Calypso music for decades.

What is a Calypso and where does it originate- Africa? France? Trinidad?
Was the first single to sell a million records a Calypso song?
Was the first album to sell a million records also Calypso?
How was Calypso’s development affected by the second world war?
Was Calypso included in all Hollywood films in the 40s and 50s?
Where is Calypso today?

Find out all the answers and get the chance to discuss Calypso with Aki De Leon on thursday 5th April

The lecture and discussion will be in English

Free Entrance / No Age Limit / Bar & Café

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