FRÆDAG invites Octave One LIVE! (Transmat, Running Back, 430 West, US) G-Ha & Olanskii - Jaeger/Sunkissed/Oslo | R.L.O.O.C

Octave One (Transmat, Running Back, 430 West, US) G-Ha & Olanskii – Jaeger/Sunkissed/Oslo | R.L.O.O.C

Detroit comes to the fjord this week as the first brothers of the motor city, Octave One join G-Ha & Olanskii for our weekly porthole to the world, Frædag. The Burden brothers bring their touted machine set to the basement following their 2016 album Love by Machine and the highly anticipated Endustry album as the brothers’ Random Noise Generation alias. Ricky Late, Oskar Pask, Olefonken and Celius offer the contrast to the salacious grind of our basement with a diverse selection of music ranging from trancy balearic to snarling acid.

Octave One is the brainchild of core members Lenny and Lawrence Burden. The Burden brothers burst onto the Detroit techno scene in 1990, producing Octave One’s debut “I Believe,” featured on the compilation Techno 2: The Next Generation.They’ve been an intimidating force behind the Detroit sound since the 90’s both in the studio and in the booth, but it’s when they combine those two elements where the Octave One experience is at its most enthralling. The Burden brothers push the pillars of funk and soul forward with their hybrid live set through which they blend the intimacy of the studio production process with the immediacy of the live performance and cement their legacy in the Detroit lexicon.

They’ve been proliferating the original sound of Techno throughout their career and in 1990 they founded 430 West/Direct Beat Record to that end for the other artists working in their field. 430 is a record label that’s paved the way for the rise of the indies throughout the ’90s. Their extensive 430 West catalog ranges from Aux 88’s “My A.U.X. Mind” to Rolando’s “Jaguar,” which included an Octave One remix. Octave One has remixed tracks for Massive Attack, Steve Bug, Aril Brikha, Vince Watson, The Trampps, Rhythm is Rhythm and Inner City.

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