Die RUHE (DE) Live Vocals

Carina Helen (Love Birds • Elefant • Small Records)

Eric Small (Love Birds • Elefant • Small Records)

Die Ruhe is doing what she wants – combining her voice with what she loves the most. Falling in love with electronic music over 15 years ago she took a colorful detour of playing in various band constellations – mostly improvised music and jazz. She now enters the electronic music scene as a live performer, singer, songwriter and producer. Her constant drive is to change through creativity and finding new connections between sine waves, forms of art and human beings. She weaves her electronic rhythms with original lyrics, poetry and improvisations. Her wide range vocals play different roles and alternate between natural and FX — bold, wild, strong yet tender. The future – oriented artist is bridging the gap between analog and digital by weaving field recordings from various occasions as well as working with several musicians to enrich her sound.

On stage Die Ruhe is serving a Live Set which is a mixture of her own tracks and a carefully chosen selection of tracks from other artists that she loves at each point of time. Its her pleasure to host a field where everybody is invited to becoming wild & free.

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