PETTER SOLBERG - Timer - K4galleri Fredag 26.10 Kl. 20

Petter Solberg
Opening Friday 26.10 20 – 22
27.10, 28.10, 03.11, 04.11 13 – 16

TIMER emulates a digital clock where the digits are replaced by words. The words change according to a clock’s stable pace, but its function is compromised as there is no telling where in time we are. Are we moving towards a point in time, or away from it? The hour slots provide an overarching theme, usually consisting of a vague or abstract term like ‘freedom’. The minute slot provides the TIMER’s subtheme, leaving the Second slot to provide a seemingly random stream of words to challenge the direction of the theme, constantly shifting between the serious and the silly, the simple and the complex. A series of animation-based video loops are playing simultaneously on different screens, functioning as various abstract reflections of time.

Petter Solberg is a visual artist currently based in Norway. His work includes sculpture, painting, poetry and animation. Since graduating with an MFA from Edinburgh College of Art in 2010, Solberg has exhibited in both group and solo shows home and internationally, and has participated in residencies in Norway, Denmark and Germany. Much of Solberg’s work is created in a state of ambivalence where the process keeps shifting between different media and materials, and where different ideas and narrative possibilities are explored. The works often consider different aspects of contemporary culture and society, usually expressed within fictional narrative contexts.

The show is curated by Bjørn Hatterud.

K4 galleri
Københavngata 4, 0566 Oslo, Norway

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