ETCH WEAR 25 Anniversary

Doors open 18:00 !!!
Etch Wear record fair / Releaseparty

First live performance at 18:40 approx

No time to fool around when we celebrate 25 and have too many legendary bands and artists in our backcatalogue.

18:00-23:00 Dj Ronny Kleverud + Dj Brady
w/ live performances by:
18:40 Råtne Guder
19:00 Fredrik Falk
19:20 Wolf
19:40 Ep Eu
20:15 Psykopharmaka
21:00 Europ Europ
21:35 Epilektrician
22:20 LoGre

Then we switch to Club mode:
23:00 Dj Christian Pallin
00:00 Psykopharmaka Djs
01:00 Modelo Roto + Deathcrush DJs ++

We got some ultralimited noisy sound quality duplicords exclusive for this event:

Wolf 7", Psykopharmaka 7", Epilektrician 8" and a LoGre 8"

If you are heart broken because you already made other plans this day, we have free entrance until 20:00, so you can still drop by and secure some limited future collectables on your way, or just say hi before your date

You can also catch 4 of the live acts for free before 20:00
;-) our treat!

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