rauður & Ilkama

rauður is the stage name of Icelandic musician and producer Auður Viðarsdóttir. Formerly a keyboardist and singer of Nóra, a renown band active in Iceland’s music scene a few years back, she has now emerged as a solo artist. Since plugging in her first synthesizer as a teenager in an old garage in her hometown Reykjavík (a Roland SH-201 to be specific), she has slowly but surely developed her own sound, merging electronic and acoustic elements into an ethereal soundscape. Perhaps in harmony with the sound of her own name, which is almost intangible for people who don’t speak Icelandic.

Her voice weaves together with eccentric beats and captivating melodies that take us through highs and lows, while her accompanying Icelandic lyrics tend to shed forth different types of disasters – sometimes pretty, sometimes crude – always fascinating.

Semilunar is a projection of a mind that is (only) half crazy. It is also the shape of the moon in a
broken heart. It is the inside out.

ILKAMA is the solo project of Vilde Ilkama Nupen from Sgrow. The EP “Rite of Passage” is a collection of tracks that draw inspiration from future soul and the LA Beat Scene. “Rite of Passage” marks Nupen’s debut as a producer, and showcases her passion for found sound, off-kilter beats and nostalgia.

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