Exhibition: "Hidden narratives"

Welcome to this autumn’s members exhibition at Galleri Neuf. We present “Hidden narratives”. We will show varying artworks, all made by artist-members of our gallery. This time there will be more participants than ever! However, it will only be open one day, so make sure not to miss it! The exhibition is open for everyone; bring your friends! The artists are present, and there will be refreshments.

Hanna Valsgård Bratlie, Sigrid Brænd, Charmaine Coombs, Linn Hovde Hestnes, Olha Korop, Per Anders Krogh-Vennemo, Camilla Kinnapel Laudal, Renate Mjanger, Veronika K. Vatnaland-Nilsen, Nora Elise Stemland, Emanuel Balder Waal

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