Audioglimt with flautist Jostein Gundersen and harpsichordist Hans Knut Sveen with Ellen Røed

Welcome to our next serving of Audioglimt with flautist Jostein Gundersen and harpsichordist Hans Knut Sveen, both of whom are known for their involvement with early music and investigations into relationships between the instruments of the middle ages and contemporary composition.
For Audioglimt they will perform as a duo for flutes and synthesizers, to works by video artist Ellen Røed.
Gundersen and Sveen have been exploring and developing their duo for lutes and synths through regular sessions over the past years, and they are due to release recordings mixed by Jørgen Træen this year. The framework for these sessions is the instruments themselves, combined with simple rules. These rules may concern duration, instrument specifications, general musical references, or expressive qualities of particular interest.
Audioglimt is Wrap’s longest running concert series, challenging artists from various musical backgrounds and genres to create their own soundtrack to be performed live to a given film (or films). This invitation has been taken up by many of Bergens most respected and adventurous musicians, resulting in a rich and inspiring series of 26 concerts since 2016. All Audioglimt concerts are documented, and many can be viewed online. Visit to explore the catalogue!
Doors open at 19.00. Concert begins at 20.00.
The bar is open before and after the concert.
Entrence kr. 80/60 (VIPS)

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