SONISK SELSKAP - Improvised music and dance

Sonisk Selskap- Voices that Create

Sonisk Sheriff: Ingvill Espedal

At Wrap, Møllendalsveien 58, 13th of February, doors open at 14.30, concert starts at 15.00 Entrance kr. 60,- (Vipps/Cash)

If you can’t make it in person, here is the link to the live stream:…

This is our third Sonisk Selskap concert where you can experience the final culmination of musical improvisation sessions led by an appointed “Sonic Sheriff” together with dancers from ImproLaBergen who will respond to the music in various different rooms throughout the building.

This is a highly ambitious and unique project that utilises new technology to enable real time interaction between the dancers and musicians. Only the audience can actually see the dancers (projected on screens behind the musicians) while experiencing the live music performance.

The musical ensemble is put together and led by musician Ingvill Espedal who’s background is classical singing, as well as improvisation and experimental music. She has worked with many choirs around the world, and as a singer, musician and composer in theatre and dance productions.

See video where Ingvill Espedal talks about her ambitions:
The musical ensemble for this edition of Sonisk Selskap will solely work with vocals, and are as follows:
Anett Omdahl Skansen
Tora Finne
Alexander Fiske Fosse
Marcus Davidson
Greta Andersberg
Ingvill Espedal
Seven dancers from ImproLaBergen will improvise to the music, while following guidelines in the form of two experimental scores.
Rita Maria Farias Munoz
Ewa Lorenc
Monica Reksten
Ine Terese Hogstad
Brita Grov
Roskva Yasmin Andersen
Mai Veronica Lykke Robles Thorseth
Scores created by:
Ine terese Hogstad and Mai Veronica Lykke Robles Thorseth.

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