Utstilling: Henrik Haukeland "Recent History"


HENRIK HAUKELAND (Sverige / Australia)
blandet media / installasjon
26.-29. 01. 2023

Vernissage torsdag 26. januar kl. 18-20
FACEBOOK EVENT: http://facebook.com/events/1512031115929326

Gratis intimkonsert med Ingunn Holmen og Mark Steiner
Lørdag 28. januar kl. 19
FACEBOOK EVENT: http://facebook.com/events/509128311096558

Galleri Schaeffers Gate 5 is pleased to announce the return of one of our favourite artists, Henrik Haukeland.


A multidisciplinary artist. Conceptually, Henrik Haukeland’s work often deals with the body—both physical and social—as well as the corresponding ideas of consumption, excess, and transformation.
In 2020 Henrik graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, before moving to Melbourne, Australia. Henrik also keeps a studio at ArtWrk Factory in Västerås, Sweden.
Henrik has worked on several artist run gallery projects, including The Basement in Västerås (2005-2007). He has also worked with co-arranging larger exhibitions/salons, done jury work for art academies and exhibitions, as well as various curating jobs. When in Australia, he works as a volunteer at KINGS Artist-Run in Melbourne.


“‘Recent History’ is technically a series of small mixed-media paintings, but they seem more like drawings to me. They were made in solitude in my apartment during the pandemic, and feature mundane objects and domestic situations. None of the scenes really happened. Actually, maybe some of them did. But, generally, it’s more like they were projected from some shadowy place inside of me, onto the interior of the apartment. In this sense, you might say that they’re psychological rather than physical in nature. Although they seem to embody a kind of silence and darkness and—dare I say—simplicity that the pandemic seemed to bring with it, I wouldn’t say that they’re limited to that place in time. These are projected moments that could sneak up on anyone, at any time.”

*http://www.haukeland.se *

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