Femme Brutal x No Escape: Mogget / Zle Oko / Viviankrist / Joanna Olichwer + DJ Ana


FEMME BRUTAL and NO ESCAPE invites you to an evening of noise, experimental music and art in Cafe Mir saturday 2th of september. This evening you can tune in to concerts by MOGGET, ZLE OKO and VIVIANKRIST. There will be an exhibition bi Joanna Olichwer. DJ ANA will play music before and after the shows.

ZŁE OKO / polish for the EVIL EYE is the one-woman project of Olga23 from Warsaw (PL), an activist, an industrial/punk graphic artist, author of collages and former bassist of DNO (a downtempo punk), who currently lives in Oslo (NO). This is digital agony and apocalypse, drone downtempo, the cawing of crows, and howling, whining sirens. In 2018 ZLE OkO
/EVIL EYE made her debut with “Cicuta”, where echoes of early 90s industrial are mixed
with conceptual, feminist anarcho-punk from Crass Records, and a uniquely Polish element
– especially in the lyrics, filled with mediaeval pagan motifs and stench of witches burned
at the stake. The sound layer is dominated by ghoulish samples from YouTube and
authoritarian broadcasting stations, such as the Polish state TV. This is Złe Oko’s response
to the darkness of the Polish Middle Ages – which seem t o have made a contemporary
comeback. In her new productions, Olga veers towards shamanic, dark trap at the same
time exploring depths of dubbed bass of sampled didgeridoo.
Bandcamp: zleoko23.bandcamp.com

VIVIANKRIST is a psychedelic noise project of ex Gallhammer(Japanese Blackend Doom Crust band) member. She improvises with Eurorack modular synthesizer at live performance recently.
Bandcamp: viviankrist.bandcamp.com/

MOGGET is a noise project started by Femme Brutals own Dåra Dorky. In Mogget she invites other participants to join for each show. This evening she will bring artist and musician Mor Efrony with her for a special piece entitled “Requiem for Kathy Acker”. Mogget experiments with analogue media like tapeloops and contact mics and effect pedals.

DJ ANA is the DJ moniker of artist Anastasya Kizilova. DJ Ana will play an experimental dance set for us before and after the shows.

JOANNA OLICHWER Joanna Olichwer is from Września (PL),but since 2013 she has been torn
between the land of the cold and her place of origin. She graduated in Building Construction from the Technical University in Poznań and later coordinated work in Polish and Norwegian tunnels. She is known for organising punk concerts, promoting local artists and being an activist – her
heart is with FOOD NOT BOMBS and Rhythms of Resistance collectives. Currently, she is a member and co-founder of SOLI aksjon OSLO, a group focused on supporting LGBTQ+ community.
In the duet KIJ, she works with photo and video in different situational spaces, aiming to record the temporality of events more or less relevant to society. You can check out some of her work here:
Film «Ingrid": vimeo.com/672028374 passord:INGRID2021

NO ESCAPE is a collective started by Joanna Olichwer and Olga23 to promote Eastern European music in Norway, and Norwegian music in Poland.

Femme Brutal is a feminist booking and DJ-collective based in Oslo (and now also Bergen) that organzes shows in collaboration with Konsertforeninga. With support from Oslo Kummune og

Dører: 19:00 (Mir åpner 18.00)
Første konsert: 20:00
Billetter: 220 / 160 (medlem av Konsertforeninga / student)

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