Morning Beat // Cosmic Jones

Introducing Morning BEAT Club Concept – Elevating your sober experience!
Join us on 27 February 2023 from 07:00-10:00 on our next adventure!

At Morning BEAT, we adhere to a strict no-drugs and no-alcohol policy. Instead, indulge in an array of fresh juices, smoothies, no-alcohol beverages and mocktails.
07:00-09:00 – THE MUSIC

♡♡♡ Cosmic Jones ♡♡♡
With more then 10 year behind the decks Cosmic Jones has a unique and undifined style. He might not do everything right, but he always do it differently. In his own, relaxed manner. Cosmic Jones grew up with music, and has been well known dj the underground scene, from Berlin to Oslo to Midnights Sun festival.
He has played at The Villa, Hærverk, Storgata 26, Feber, Pakkhuset, Cana, Midnight Sun Festivalen, Sehr Schøn as well as clubs and festivals in Berlin, Hamburg og Köln.
Cosmic Jones:

09:00-10:00 – THE YOGA: Strekk ut og ro ned etter dans
•DRINKS•Coffee and tea and non alcoholic soft drinks/beer (and occasionally mocktails and juice) will be available for purchase.ㅤ
•BREAKFAST•You can buy a light breakfast.ㅤ
•THE GLITTER STATION•Come get glittered up!ㅤ
•BE WHO YOU ARE•Dress up or dress down, we don’t judge! However, we do love theme based costumes.ㅤ

•IMPORTANT INFO•Tickets are non-refundable!*We are now charging for yoga attendance!

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