Utstilling: Corridor Project: Horizontal Vertigo

Corridor Project is proud to introduce a new venue in Oslo’s growing cultural landscape. A tiny gallery/project space, publication & artist residency, Corridor Project is a testament to creativity thriving within the constraints of a DIY spirit. Nestled in the warmth of a humble apartment, it stands in contrast to the commercial art world, instead fostering artist run communities.

With its roots in the ethos of making something out of nothing, Corridor Project breathes life into overlooked spaces in a time with limitation on creative room in cities.

With a show curated by founder Kim Jakobsen Tô, Corridor Gallery opens on March 16th with “Horizontal Vertigo,” an intimate exhibition showcasing the work of artists living and working in Mexico City.

Set within the confines of a corridor, the exhibition invites visitors to explore themes of spirituality, masculinity, trans issues and Mexican identity. From March 16th to 18th the show explores the multifaceted nature of the self today trough photography, video & sculpture at Carl Berners Plass, Oslo.

In May the project extends its reach beyond physical boundaries with issue one of the zine Corridor Project. Delving deeper into the themes explored in “Horizontal Vertigo” and featuring contributions from artists from Mexico City.

“Corridor Project is about fostering community and looking at the creativity that emerges from limitations,” says Kim Jakobsen Tô. “We invite everyone to join us on this journey as we explore fostering a global dialogue in Oslo, on a shoestring budget.”

For more information and updates, follow Corridor Project on Instagram: @corridorproject

Artists: Lucia Hinojosa Gaxiola, Wendy Cabrera Rubio, Chito Banda, Mitzi Falcon, Raul Aguilar, Sordep, Javier Silva.

”Horizontal Vertigo” will be open from March 16th to 18th at Grenseveien 9E, Carl Berners Plass, Oslo. Opening hours are as follows:

March 16th: 2-8pm
March 17th: 12-7pm
March 18th: 12-5pm