Intelligente materialer. Science fiction er her

Harry Potters usynlighetskappe er ikke bare en god historie. Usynlighetsmateriale eksisterer i dag akkurat som bio-materiale som forvandles til menneskebein i kroppen er en realitet.

Mark Miodownik forsker på intelligente materialer og forteller om hvordan disse vil påvirke våre liv.
I samarbeid med AHO og NID.

“Mark writes:
Animate matter is coming. Concrete that can communicate when it is about to
collapse, smart hip replacements that can self-heal and intelligent
wallpaper that changes colour if you become angry – such innovations are
imminent. Most material scientists, myself included, are both excited and
apprehensive about the social impact of materials such as these. One thing
is for sure: just as artificial pigments triggered the Impressionist
movement in the 19th century, so these new, smart substances are likely to
change the nature of art and craft in the 21st century. This talk reviews
the cultural impact of new materials, and provides an introduction to the
science that underpins future innovations.

Dr Mark Miodownik received his BA in Materials Science from St Catherine’s
College, Oxford in 1992 and his PhD in turbine jet engine alloys from
Oxford University in 1996. In 1997 he was employed in the USA as a research
scientist at Sandia National Laboratories. Mark won a Newman research
fellowship at University College Dublin in 1999 and the following year was
appointed a lecturer in Materials Science at Kings College London. In 2003
he was awarded a NESTA fellowship. Mark founded and leads the EngineeringArt
project funded by NESTA and the EPSRC."

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