The Spirits of the Dead spiller på Lille Byscenen

The Spirits of The Dead consists of Ole Øvstedal (guitars), Ragnar Vikse (vocals), Jon Øvstedal (bass, keyboards) and Geir Thorstensen (drums).
The band was formed by Ole and Ragnar in October 2006, and later joined by Geir and Jon early 2007.

They did not waste any time and immediately went to the studio with sketches and ideas about the how they wanted the band to sound. After only 6 intensive days in the studio, they had the result. It was recorded in Crystal Canyon, Oslo (Turbonegro, Serena Maneesh, 120 Days, The Low Frequency in Stereo to name a few all been recorded here). Mixed in Grand Sport Studio a week after, and then mastered in Cutting Room, Sweden by Håkan Åkesson.

It was a travel to their spiritual homeland and back. With a foot planted in their beloved roots of the seventies, and adding a portion of their longing souls for the fjords and mountains back home on the west coast of Norway, the nearest comparison musically would be something like Stonerfolkrock. (It’s impossible to fully make an impression of the music with only words, so the best would be to check out their music on the cd)

They were trying to capture the magic of the force building up between the four of them. Coming from relatively different genre of the music scene, it was definitely something different going on this time. It was a growing spirit, stronger than with the earlier bands and projects.

They have known each other for years, as they are all from the city of Haugesund, but have been playing in different bands on their own paths. Moving cross the county, living their own lives on different scales, and now coming together in Norway’s main city Oslo.

Some of the projects they are or have been involved with are; Euroboys (Knut Schreiner from Tubronegro’s band), Dharma, Årabrot, Einherjer, This is Music INC, Novocaine and Ensenada.

Through their time in these projects, they have recorded and released several albums and played well over hundred liveshows on each end. They have also been touring with bands like The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Blonde Redhead, King Diamond, Cradle of Filth, and Silverbullit to mention a few. Cross Europe and some in US.

The history of the band has just started.

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