djolane presents “IFTTIFU” VOL1 deadly love comfort

A performance-installation
By Baran Kurd

Energy… he does’nt know whether time always had been running or it started somwhere. An object is a target, an other source of energy. He is moved or moving in waves which are approoved or disapproved by sciences and arts and their religions. Time reprodused, time for mutation, regenerated time., times of horror, times of dead dreams, time for a showdown. In the chaos order of time, he can see colours, able to catch your mind into an illusion that “the now flows as something natural,” telling that he fools you. The space is a nearly perfect construction where as comfort, love, power, risk, controll, self and their myths meet in an “epiphany” – Three holy Kings, orchestrated on a fragile souls head. This is a physicalisation of the state of mind, in an orchestra of sounds and voices of this great time, and the safe corner where as echoes of monsters, and lovers. time crosses different points of view.
Neither you or I will give up.

The solo premiered at Black Box, 23.october. Presented as a performance in a limited time and space, it met an audience. Now a full version of the work is installed in a new space as a performance-installation; two outer centers, a safe, an inner corner. “Time resonates as a sound, a vehicle, that won’t collapse yet. It becomes a ritual that burries itself, constantly!”

Tirs. 11. -ons.12. des. 19.00-21.27
@ PODIUM Hausmansgt. 34

Consept/performance/voices/programming: Baran Kurd
Dramaturgical consulent: Elin Høyland
Video: Baran Kurd/ Nuno O.
Sound: Martin Aaserud

Thanks to:

Botan, People on the streets, Hausmania Kulturhus, Elin Høyland, Martin Aaserud, BlackBox Theatre, Mamma, Mia Habib, Akerselva, Norwegian Art Council, Søren, friends and others!

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