Six Pianos, Steve Reich/Gilius Van Bergeijk

BOREALIS LUNSJKONSERT – Bergen Pianoforretning

Steve Reich, ‘Six Pianos’

Gilius Van Bergeijk, ‘Six Piano Installaties’

Performed by Post & Mulder, Annabel Guaita, Chihiro Ito, Mai Goto and Fidan Aghayeva.

In collaboration with Ny Musikk.

Gilius van Bergeijk on the Piano Installations:

“For centuries composers write notes on paper. We call these notes music, though they only become music when a musician enterpretes these notes to do all sorts of athletic movements on an instrument. In most cases that results in sound. Usually we assume that this result is what the composer had in mind originally. This “problem” is given form in a theatrical way in the Piano Installations (1966-78).”

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