Punkt Seminar 2010 - PROGRAM

Karl Bartos (Kraftwerk)

2. – 4. september 2010

Punkt Seminar 2010 – PROGRAM


  • 12:00 "DINO J.A. DEANE (US)":http://punktfestival.no/template/alf/artist.phpconnected_to=person_direct&id=1366&menunumber=2*: Performance/Improvisation and Live Electronics*
Dino J.A. Deane will present a lecture demonstration on “Performance/Improvisation and Live Electronics”. He will perform and relate personal experiences from his long career as a “live electronics/live sampling innovator”. Sharing insights about “being in the moment” as an improvising performer and the challenges of mastering an instrument (live electronics) that is in a continuous state of change. Dino has been working internationally for over forty years. He has appeared on recordings with Ike & Tina Turner, Brian Eno, Bill Frisell and John Zorn to name a few. Mr. Deane has also produced an equally diverse range of his own recorded music for both large and small ensembles. Deane pioneered the use of both “Live Electronics & looping” playing electric-trombone with Indoor Life and Butch Morris and “Live Sampling” playing electro-acoustic percussion with Jon Hassell, in Europe, Japan, Canada and the U.S., beginning in the early 1980´s. He has created theatrical sound designs for writer/directors Sam Shepard, Joseph Chaikin, Julie Hebert, Christoph Marthaler and Theater Grottesco, winning critical acclaim in the United States and Europe. He has composed and recorded music for over fifty dance works in collaboration with choreographer Colleen Mulvihill, performing in the U.S., Europe and China.
  • 13:00 "SIDSEL ENDRESEN (NO)":http://punktfestival.no/template/alf/artist.php?connected_to=person_direct&id=1104&menunumber=2*: Improvisation is an intuitive discipline, based on and developed through experience*
In the form of a workshop-seminar Sidsel Endresen will focus on demystifying some of the main aspects of free improvisation and extended vocal techniques. She will put her methods and tools to use through practical demonstrations – by the audience`s collective, improvising participation. Seminal singer and composer Sidsel Endresen is indisputably the first lady of Norwegian improvisational music, internationally renowned for her solo albums on ECM and Jazzland. She has also written music for several theatre and dance performances, and has toured all over Europe, Great Britain, Canada, China and Japan. Endresen has been awarded several Norwegian music awards, among others 4 Norwegian ?Grammies?, the “Buddy Award” 2001 (the Norwegian Jazz Association`s highest award) as well as being nominated for the prestigious Nordic Council Music Award in 2000.
  • 14:00 "SUPERSILENT (NO)":http://punktfestival.no/template/alf/artist.php?connected_to=band_direct&id=21&menunumber=2
Supersilent will play a live set to demonstrate sounds, structures and ideas from their improvised music. After the live set Supersilent will answer questions and talk about various aspects of their music, recordings and concerts. Supersilent is a Norwegian avant-garde/electroacoustic group signed on Rune Grammofon. They are known for only making improvised music. The group has released six albums and one DVD since 1997. Four new albums will be released during the the fall of 2010.


  • 12:00 "STUART NICHOLSON (UK)":https://www.musictank.co.uk/resources/speaker-biographies/professor-stuart-nicholson-author-lecturer-critic*: Jazz in the Global Village*
Almost everyday we hear or read about “globalisation.” It´s one of the buzz words of our time and one of the most discussed subjects in contemporary social theory. It´s the central driving force behind the rapid changes that are reshaping societies and world order, yet curiously very little has been written about its effects on jazz, so this talk attempts to unravel its effects on the music today. Using musical examples and PowerPoint illustrations, the globalising of jazz is described as are the equally important effects of glocalisation – how global sounds are re-inscribed with local significance. This important bi-product of globalization is producing unique musical outcomes in different geographical areas and these are explored in detail. Their significance in reshaping jazz in new and interesting ways is such that the talk advances the notion that this may be the next major step in the evolution of the music. Award winning author Stuart Nicholson is Visiting Professor at Leeds College of Music. He has written six books on jazz which have been translated into thirteen languages. They include biographies of Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington, Jazz-Rock: A History, Jazz: The 1980s Resurgence and Is Jazz Dead (Or Has It Moved to a New Address)? The latter title inspired a strand at the North Sea Jazz Festival and was adopted as the theme at this year´s Portland Jazz Festival in the USA. His biographies of Ella Fitzgerald (now described as “a classic of jazz literature”) and Billie Holiday both received “Notable Book of the Year” awards from The New York Times Review of Books while Jazz-Rock: A History was a finalist in the ARSC Awards for Excellence in Music Writing. His journalism on jazz has appeared in the pages of The New York Times, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Observer, The Independent, The Irish Times and several European newspapers and jazz magazines. In April 2007 Stuart received the Jazz Journalist of the Year award in the United Kingdom Parliamentary Jazz Awards. He has lectured at many European jazz conservatories and festivals and in 2009 was invited to give the keynote address to over 170 heads of jazz conservatories from across Europe at the Jazz Platform of the Association of European Conservatories in Amsterdam. He is currently writing his seventh book, examining in more detail some the issues he raised in his critically acclaimed Is Jazz Dead (Or Has It Moved to a New Address)?
  • 13:00 "VELJO TORMIS (EE)":http://punktfestival.no/template/alf/artist.php?connected_to=person_direct&id=1363&menunumber=2*: Reuse of the ancient songs*
The lecture is related to Veljo Tormis´ choral pieces performed by Noorus Mixed Choir. A large part of those works (composed in 1966-1990) is based on the regilaul, which is an ancient Estonian traditional vocal genre. In the course of the lecture, Tormis explains the segmental form of the regilaul and its performance specificity doing it with the help of his

“singing-all-together” method. He gives a glance on the choral pieces of some Estonian national-romanticists to get an idea how they have used the regilaul in the first half of the 20th century. About fifty years ago, he started to look for the innovative approach to the regilaul as a source of professional music. He gives an overview on his main composition principles and it will be illustrated with live examples.

  • 14:00 "KARL BARTOS (DE)":http://punktfestival.no/template/alf/artist.php?connected_to=person_direct&id=1367&menunumber=2*: Musica ex Machina*
In this lecture Karl Bartos demonstrates the evolution of sound recording and auditory media design: from Thomas Edison´s invention of the phonograph (1877) up to the current digital techniques of VJing. The lecture goes far beyond the common presentations. It is applied as a movie lecture to which Prof. Bartos lively reports. Hardly any other name in pop music is as synonymous with electronic sound as that of Karl Bartos. Originally a classically trained percussionist and keyboarder, he later became a composing member of the legendary German group Kraftwerk. By using film and video, even before the arrival of MTV and it´s subsequent transformation of the music business, Kraftwerk had a great influence on forming the language of contemporary art, especially media art. After having left Kraftwerk, Bartos´ activities as an author and producer lead to globally successful co-operations with Electronic (Bernard Sumner / Johnny Marr), OMD (Andy McCluskey), Information Society (USA), The Mobile Homes (Sweden), and Anthony Rother (Germany), as well as making records for his own project entitled “Electric Music”.

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