Oslo Screen Festival Trailer 2012 from Oslo Screen Festival on Vimeo.

The 3rd edition of Oslo Screen Festival, international festival for video art, presents programs with international and Norwegian video art & concert in collaboration with Ny Musikk.

Filmens Hus, Dronningensgt 16, 13:00-20:00

13:00 Best Video Award
The Best Video Award will be presented by Saatchi & Saatchi Oslo. Saatchi & Saatchi is well known to support young and promising visual artists, and have presented the New Directors’ Showcase for more than 20 years, one of the highlights of the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. www.saatchi.no

13:30 Program 5 – A dream within a dream
City Heart by Kristina Kvalvik, To Anne Marie by Petra Lindholm, Five Parts – a Motholic Mobble by Kaia Hugin, Lasse Passage feat. Johanne Birkeland – Say Say Say by Lars Åndheim & Christoffer Lossius, Changeover by Indrikis Gelzis, Slick Horsing by Kiron Hussain. 40 min

14:40 Guest program: Nabroad presents In Transit by Heidi C. Morstang. 20 min. www.nabroad.org

15:30 Program 6 – Real Fictions
Second Office by Bao Lixin, Morning by Birgitte Sigmundstad, The Boy Who Collected Skins by Joacelio Batista, Help by Teresa Puig, Paris January 30th by Kjetil Skøien, Hatchet by Hilda Daniel, Disastrous Dialogue by Soren Thilo Funder. 43 min

16:40 Guest program: MAGMART/Video Under Volcano
Curated by Enrico Tomaselli (Italy).
Blood by Francesca Fini, Eyes Red by Antonello Novellino & Francisco Cuellar, Huzzah by Raffaele De Martino, Pagan Inner by Alessandro Amaducci, Rgb by Mario Raoli, Ins(h)ide by Francesca Leoni, Making Sense by Elena Decorato, Diecidecimi by Alessandro De Vita. 34 min. www.magmart.it

17:30 CONCERT, presented by Ny Musikk
Wordless Rhetoric
The Italian cellist Francesco Dillon (Alter Ego, Prometeo String Quartet) plays Bach and Luis Antunes Pena, an old work and a very recent one, that illustrate the rhetorical power of music in radically different ways. www.francescodillon.com

18:30 The Dream That Kicks
Curated by Greg Pope.

Le film est deja commence?, by Maurice Lemaitre
1951, 62’, 16mm, FR, English subtitles
One of the founding fathers of the Letterist movement, in ‘LE FILM EST DEJA COMMENCE?’ (Has The Film Started Yet?) Lemaitre sought the destruction of film through film. In his stratagies and technique he prefigures the Situationist practice of detournement as well as the aesthetic of American avant-gardists.
He paints, scratches, tints, and bleaches the film, scribbling words onto the screen, snowing in images with crude flurries of dots and crosshatches, bursting through the darkness of the theater with single-frame explosions of white leader, and disorienting viewers with dizzying jump cuts between subjects, his anarchic piling-on of the photographic image is suffused with devilish energy and fury.
This is one of the major works of letterist cinema, proto-punk, proto-Situationist, proto-expanded cinema – the critics despised it, but this work is and will remain a landmark in film history. He wants you to leave the cinema, if you do, he wins – if you don’t, he also wins…

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