Ableton LIVE Kurs

Welcome to Blending Boundaries: A professional Ableton LIVE course which blends the boundaries between Producing, DJ’ing, and Live performance.

Your tutor Lars Tveikra aka Dubwoofa, is on the cutting edge of Dubstep and a member of the world-renowned label and team, Dub Police since 2005. Lars has worked with house, dubstep, hip hop and breakbeat genres and has an overview of all dance music production.

This course is designed as a comprehensive introduction and exploration of Ableton LIVE. The course comprises of 4 modules (Basic, Control, Produce 1 and Produce 2) which will take you from complete beginner to producing your first completed track. This includes: the features of LIVE and how to use them, Controllers and how to configure them, problem solving and elimination, using Ableton creatively in a live environment, configuring LIVE for studio use, a guide to producing with LIVE, a guide to quality home studio producing and creating your first complete track or live set up. The lessons are taken with only small groups so you get that personal tutor contact – enabling you to achieve the sound and set up that will work for you

BASIC MODULE starting 20th Feb.

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