Ableton Kurs 1 - Basics

• Introduction
• Overview of the course and where you will be at the end of the course.
• Special requests

Getting to know Ableton Live
• What is Ableton live all about?
• Myths and rumors vs reality
• Who is it for? What styles of music is it suitable/not suitable for?
• Overview and demonstration of LIVE as a sequencer and a live performance tool

Getting to know the interface of Ableton LIVE
• Clip view/Mixer view
• Arrangement view
• Clips and Scenes
• Audio and midi
• Effects – Insert vs Bus (returns)
• Internal effects.
• 3rd party effects.
• The browser

Configuring Ableton LIVE with your setup.
• Sound card – Audio and Midi
• Controllers ­– Why would you want to choose the right ones
• Latency – why does it matter
• Delay compensation – what is it?

Introduction to arrangements / structures of music
• Identifying the building blocks that make up a song.
• Why we have got to know about it, and how to use it to our advantage as a
professional producer and/or live performer.
• And how to creatively think about using them in a track or in your live show.

LIVEs building blocks; Clips: Warping, Looping, triggering etc
• Warp loops, vocals, and entire songs.
• How to choose the right warp modes (algorithms)
• Warp marking
• Triggering
• Recording to arrangement view
• Advanced clip options
• Dummy clips
• Follow actions
• Quantization menu

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