Kazachenko's Apartment presents: Ninja, a performance by Anja Carr

Anja Carr’s performative installations encompass sculptures, live- or video-performance. The live-performances in these colorful, homelike scenographies are also presented as an ongoing photography series. Through her non-verbal performances Carr explores a physical dream language and involves musicians, bodybuilders or furries – people in fur-suits worshiping their animal-personality. Her childhood desires and figures like My Little Pony, Miss Piggy or Ninja Turtles are transformed in an adult world of dreams, lusts and nightmares, through bodily communication.

Carr has performed and exhibited in numerous places like The Museum of Contemporary Art (Oslo), Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art (Trondheim), Galleri Hamburger Platz (Berlin), Art Goes Kapakka festival (Helsinki), W139 (Amsterdam), Galleri S.E (Bergen), Coney Island (NYC) and The National Art Exhibition/Høstutstillingen (Oslo). Upcoming performances this spring include Maison de Norvège, Galerie Plateforme and Le Générateur in Paris and The Agency Gallery in London. She has also been running the non-profit art space PINK CUBE in Oslo since Januray 2011 and collaborates with guest-curators Charlotte Jansen (London) and Maaike Gouwenberg (Rotterdam) in the upcoming program.

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