Utstilling: O'Dea

*tekst*Opening: Thursday 20th February 2013

20.2.14 – 16.3.14

This month we exhibit O’Dea: an action, adventure based photography narrative by Scottish artist Christopher Fernandez. In this narrative Fernandez casts an unlikely leading male who is looking to uncover the identity of his pursuers.

Fernandez describes how his series of photographs act as a commentary on the idea of “wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time”. This genre has been popular throughout the history of cinema, and has been used by the likes of Hitchcock in ‘North by Northwest’ to modern day action films. Fernandez’s aim in O’Dea was to parody the conventional idea of Hollywood’s regular Average Joe; usually played by a handsome leading male and substitute instead a more contemporary Scottish regular man in the role.

Cinema and film have been of great interest to Fernandez, in which we see undertones of dark humour, with a tribute to the style and aesthetics of US and world cinema alike.

Galleri SchadenFreuden is proud to be a part of this traveling exhibition, which has just been on display at the Whitespace Gallery in Edinburgh, Scotland and will be exhibited later this year in London, England.

Fernandez, born 1989 in Scotland, has received a Higher National Diploma in Professional Photography from Telford College Edinburgh, and is currently a freelance photographer based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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