Vooks Are Stupid!!

TEXST presents: Vooks Are Stupid!!

TEXST are an informal and self-directed group of MA Fine Art students with guests from outside the programme.
Identifying a gap for writing based tuition and critical discussion, we created our own framework.
MA1 Fine Art students plus anyone else interested are invited on a continual basis.
We acknowledge that all artists use text in one way or another.
We meet every two weeks.
You do not have to commit but there are a core group of regulars.
We test text, writing and words in any and every possibility.
There is no fixed format.
The forum itself is open for discussion.
Individuals bring poems, statements, proposals, titles, artist writings, etcetera.
You do not have to bring anything to the group.
We take note of everything spoken about.
Each semester, we compile a zine of our activity.

Lorie Ballage
Sónia Barreiro
Samuel Brzeski
Julia Cremers
Robin Everett
Renate Handal
Audrey Hurd
Ariadne Iribarren
Laurie Lax
Lucila Mayol
Pedro Riva

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