PRAKSIS is pleased to announce the launch of The Moving Museum Anthologies Issue II: Lean Artist Smoke Test, edited by Jeremy Bailey, on May 31st 2017.

The launch forms part of PRAKSIS’s Summer 2017 residency The Artist Entrepreneur, developed with Famous New Media artist Jeremy Bailey in collaboration with UKS and The Moving Museum. Bailey’s residency will question the growing tendency within many arms of the ‘culture industry’ to require that artists adopt ‘culturepreneurial’ approaches and ideologies.

The launch, organised as a “smoke test” marketing webinar, will present products conceived for the social good by artists Claudia Lomoschitz, Post Religion, Kathia Von Roth, and Yinan Song. All these participants are members of the world’s first seed accelerator initiative for artists – Lean Artist.

Developed by Jeremy Bailey for A/D/A HAMBURG in 2016, Lean Artist was an intensive three-day ‘bootcamp’ featuring mentorship from Bailey, startup leaders and art world role-models. Lean Artist offered participating artists training in the use of Silicon Valley tools towards the creation of empathetic start-ups – subversive alternatives to an increasingly dominant start-up culture that now threatens bona-fide arts cultural funding and coincides with broad defunding across Europe.

A first step for any start-up is to prove product market fit. Lean Artist Smoke Test will render transparent the iterative design process used to search for fit, including the exploration of online marketing material, prototypes and user feedback.

Speculative products include a marshmallow alternative to firearms, a matchmaking app for creative collaboration and a condom-like private web browser you can share with a friend so they practice “safe browsing.”

Lean Artist Smoke Test follows Technostalgia as the second edition of The Moving Museum’s online publishing anthology series. Supported by Arts Council England, TMM Anthologies re-imagine how contemporary art organizations can share ideas online, and invite cultural practitioners to voice important ideas to online audiences through web-native media.


The Moving Museum is a nomadic incubator for artists, ideas and cities. It is a large-scale, immersive project that manifests itself in a new city for each project. The organisation has mobilised immersive exhibitions and residency programmes in Dubai, London and Istanbul, engaging nearly 100 artists from over 50 cities globally, and welcoming an international audience of over 50,000 visitors. It has commissioned over 60 new artworks across all media, and developed a digital programme in association with world-renowned internet artists such as ADD NAMES. The Moving Museum collaborates with an international range of foundations, cultural partners, government foundations and individual patrons, including The Mondriaan Fund, British Council, Prohelvetia, Ontorio Arts Council, OCA Norway, Arts Council England, Swedish Embassy, United States Department of Public Affairs, The Farook Foundation and The Vinyl Factory.

The Moving Museum has established a permanent hub online: The Moving Museum Online (TMM WWW). This website, an experiment in nomadic programming in the digital age, seeks to redefine the relationship between local audiences and global practitioners. An independent but complementary strand of programming for the nomadic organisation, TMM Online harnesses digital technology for creative output, revising the formats and agendas of institutional activity in the 21st century.

The Moving Museum is an independent, not-for-profit, and non-political organization founded by Aya Mousawi and Simon Sakhai.


Self-styled “Famous New Media Artist” Jeremy Bailey’s expanded-field performance practice explores, exploits and transforms the media, mechanisms and languages of new media worlds in diverse and sophisticated ways. His work has featured in an international roster of venues and festivals, including the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; Tate Liverpool; Whitechapel Gallery, London; Transmediale, Berlin; Museums Quartier, Vienna; and the New Museum, New York. Via his project The You Museum (2015-ongoing) commissioned by The Moving Museum, Bailey’s displays – individually tailored to suit the viewer’s personal tastes – can be accessed globally online.


PRAKSIS is an Oslo-based not-for-profit organisation running multidisciplinary residencies that focus on developing creative practices through shared experience and cross-cultural exchange. Community – local, national and international – is key to PRAKSIS’s thinking, linking talented arts professionals from around the world to the Norwegian arts scene and its wider community, building new communities and enabling public access.

“PRAKSIS”, Norwegian for practice, also invokes the English word ‘praxis’: the fusion of theory and practice. This represents the organisation’s central ethos: to support creative practitioners, and to foreground the processes of making, thinking, discussion and exchange essential to all successful works of art. The organisation aims to open the artistic process up to a wide audience, encouraging a deeper engagement with and understanding of contemporary art – getting people excited about what artists do, not just what they produce.

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