Halloween - Creative Carnival!

Welcome to a special Halloween event made specifically for artists and designers – full of mysterious models, creepy costumes, sinister snacks, and the most ghostly group of weirdos Oslo can collect in one room…! We guarantee a night that even the dead will be coming to….

Join Blank Space as we bring in 4 models in extravagant costumes sitting in fully designed scenes, with spooky lighting and atmospheric props to fully immerse you while you draw, write, paint – or whatever! We will also be showing some classic Halloween movies, in case you want to take a break or need some extra stimulation… ;)

We will provide plenty of snacks and non-alcoholic beverages, though you are invited to bring your own drinks. At the end of the session, illustrator Martin Mauseth Hvattum will hold a critique of the night’s work in case you would like to learn a thing or two!

No experience required to join! Anyone 15+ is welcome to join.

Blank Space members: 150kr
General Admission: 300kr

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