Living Lightly

Kelsang Jangdom will give clear and practical advice from the Indian Buddhist Master Atisha, who originally brought Kadampa Buddhism to Tibet. These teachings are as relevant as they were hundreds of years ago when Atisha presented them and can help us to overcome inappropriate attitudes and actions and replace them by meaningful and positive ones.

Kelsang Jangdom is the Principal Teacher at Kadampa Meditation Centre Stockholm. He has been practicing Buddhism and meditation since 2003 and he ordained as a Buddhist monk in 2010. Before becoming a Principal Teacher in 2015, he was the Administrative Director of Nordic Kadampa Meditation Centre for many years.

Kelsang Jangdom teaches in a light and joyful manner and he shares the many powerful benefits of Buddhism in his wise and inspiring teachings.

Course Fee: 475,-

Includes a vegetarian lunch

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