Relying upon a Spiritual Guide

Public Talk with Gen Dragpa

We all had to learn how to walk and talk, read and write, from someone else. In every profession we need to rely on those who have more experience than us if we are to learn the job we are starting properly. This is the same on the spiritual path, we do have to find out things by ourselves through our own practice but we can prevent many mistakes on our path through following advice of a qualified Spiritual Friend and Teacher. Gen Dragpa will show practical ways in which we can engage in this practice whilst being true to ourselves and preventing an approach of blind faith and exaggerated devotion.

This course is taught by Gen Kelsang Dragpa. He is the Resident Teacher at Nordic KMC, and National Spiritual Director for the Nordic Region. He has been practising and teaching Kadampa Buddhism for many years and has been an ordained monk since 1993. His way of teaching is very practical and easy to understand.

Everybody welcome
No need for any special clothing or equipment. No previous experience is required. You can sit on a chair or on a meditation cushion.

Session 1: 18-19:30

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