F/eks: Ale Hop, Andrea Parkins + JD Zazie

Ale Hop is the moniker of Alejandra Cardenas — artist, researcher and instrumentalist from Peru. She has been a creative force in the experimental scene since the early beginning of her practice in Lima in the 2000s, working with filmmakers, musicians and artists on collaborative efforts. In 2012 she began her solo project, in which she is currently composing electronic music by blending fracture pop melodies with noise, field recordings and a complex repertoire of unorthodox instrument techniques, synthesis and real-time sampling devices. She uses all of this as her sound vocabulary to craft performances of astonishing physical intensity, saturated of layers og distortion and stunning atmospheres.

JD Zazie is an experimental DJ, avant-turntablist and sound artist living between Berlin and Bolzano. Coming from a DJ and radiophonic background, she has explored a range of different approaches of real-time manipulation on fixed recorded sound — redefining DJ and electro-acoustic activities. As a solo performer, she moves in an area which is constantly stretching the borders of what is supposed to be DJ mixing, free improvisation and composed music. Juxtaposition, decontextualization, fragmentation, repetition, sonic texture, scratch and error are elements of the grammar adopted to relate, organize and rearrange the sound material.

Andrea Parkins is a Berlin-based sound artist, composer, and electroacoustic improviser who engages with interactive electronics as both material and process, focusing on relationships between the body, materiality, sound and space. As a performer, she is especially known for her uniquely gestural/textural approach on her electronically processed accordion, and investigation of embodiment and chance with an array of sonic materials: including amplified objects and drawing tools, electronic feedback; and acoustic, electronic and custom-built software instruments. Parkins’ projects encompass electroacoustic performances and compositions, multi-channel fixed media works; and sound for contemporary dance, film and intermedia performance. Her works have been presented at venues and festivals including the Whitney Museum of American Art, Kunsthalle Basel, NEXT (Bratislava), All Ears (Oslo), and Akousma Festival (Montreal).

F/eks is a concert series for electronic music and experimental pop music, curated by Jenny Berger Myhre and produced by Femme Brutal, in collaboration with Konsertforeninga. Kindly supported by Oslo Kommune and Kulturrådet.

All three artists are also hosting amazing workshops at Notam on March 11th, 12th and 13th — do check it out and sign up!
The workshop is organised by Nuts and Bolts, who encourage women, non-binary, trans, queer, BIPOC and differently-abled persons to attend. More info can be found at nutsandbolts.space

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