The Sight Below (US) aka. Rafael Anton Irisarri + Erik Skodvin (NO) aka Svarte Greiner

The Sight Below . Flunkende nytt sideprosjekt fra Rafael Anton Irisarri (Miasmah). Han er ute på Europa turné, og stopper innom The Villa i Oslo og Blæst i Trondheim. Skive kommer på Ghostly i november! Oppvarmer er den lokale gutten Erik Skodvin (aka *Svarte Greiner / Deaf Center* ) som vil spille ett gitar-loop-drone-gaze sett (eller noe lignende!)
En kveld for fans av GAS, slowdive, Arvö Part, Gamle filmer, My Bloody Valentine, Echospace, Shoegaze, Miasmah, 4AD, Murcof, William Basinski, mm..


“The Sight Below operates in half gestures, the feeling that you know what is
going to happen, yet you are surprised anyway. Reverberated guitars drowned
in beautiful 4/4 repetition, consciousness melts away.

In this iPod age, sound has become a symbol of our attention span,
splintering into fragments. The music of The Sight Below is quite the
opposite: music which invites you to focus and lose focus, the seemingly
distant guitar parts slowly arranging the puzzle before you, creating a
beautiful soundpool – This is a brooding sound for drowning in lightless

Lonely is the new dance party."


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