Smelteverket is located in the unique basement location at Mathallen Vulkan. With 20 cast iron windows that overlook the Akerselva river, it truly is an exceptional location. Our rough and masculine interior was designed to honor the history of the building, which was once a bridge factory.

We are proud of our laid back atmosphere, which welcomes people from all walks of life. During lunch you can relax while overlooking the river and listening to great records from Stax, Motown and Chess recording studios. In the evening you can wind down after work with a beer on our handmade leather couches, with warm lights, and a great atmosphere. There truly is something for everyone at Smelteverket.

We feature a wide selection of microbrewed beer and Aass pilsner on tap. As well as a varied selection of bottled beer and wines. We feature classic American cocktails, which we change frequently to offer our regular guests something to look forward to every visit, and offer new comers a selection that reflects the season.

Our food is inspired by American street food, and Southern American “soul food” while utilizing fresh and exciting Norwegian local ingredients. Like our drink selection, our food menu will change with the seasons, featuring the best of Norwegian produce and seasonal favorites.

Great beer, great food , served up with heart & soul. What more could you ask for? Welcome to Smelteverket.

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