Kalenderen for søndag 30. juni

  • 10:00 Utstilling: Bøkene som forandret verden, Eidsvoll 1814

    Helgeutflukt? Ta den ganske korte turen fra Oslo til sommervakre Eidsvoll Verk og museet Eidsvoll 1814. Her er det åpnet ny utstilling: BØKENE SOM FORANDRET VERDEN

  • 10:00 Dealing with Change, Nordisk Kadampa Meditasjonssenter

    Change in our family and professional circumstances can sometimes create worries and anxiety. Intellectually we all know that things change, but in our heart we want some things to always stay the same. Relationships, our job, our health, our reputation are things that normally are important for our happiness but we need to learn ways of positive thinking that can help us to stay happy when they inevitably change.